Communication Coaching for Better Healthcare

Communication Coaching for Physicians

How Does Communication Coaching Improve Healthcare?

Good communication is essential for good treatment.

When physicians leverage their communication skills, we see improvement-- not just in patient satisfaction, but also in patient safety, comprehension, collaboration and clinical outcomes.

Professional coaching can unlock communication skills that increase satisfaction for physicians as well as their patients, and can elevate an organization's success in serving the community.

Our programs help physicians identify their personal strengths, try new communication strategies, and optimize their skills to affect clinical outcomes. We work with leadership to support advancements made through our program, for long-lasting benefit.

At PRN Consulting, we design and teach CME and Professional Development programs for hundreds of physicians every year at hospitals, universities and professional conferences across the country. 

Our mission and passion is to make healthcare communication more efficient, effective and satisfying for patients and physicians.

Pamela Nemecek CHCP, CPXP Program Director

Pamela Nemecek CHCP, CPXP Program Director

Put Our Experience To Work For Your Organization


PRN Consulting is a team of communication specialists dedicated to 

making healthcare interactions more efficient, effective, and satisfying 

for patients and for physicians.

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Communication Coaching


Leverage your strengths and sharpen your skills with on-site coaching

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Classes and Workshops


Engage your audience through simulation and immersive learning

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Conference Presentations


Motivate listeners to action through persuasive information

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Professional Simulators


Get real-time coaching as you practice challenging conversations with our professional simulators 

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Skills Labs and OSCEs


Let our instructional design team create an OSCE for your residents, 

or a Communication Skills Lab for experienced physicians

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Special Projects


View some of our favorite requests from clients that have become extraordinary educational programs

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